Auburn Hair Color Chart

by admin on February 17, 2012

More and more girls all around the world prefer to choose their hair color from auburn hair color chart, since the popularity of auburn hair has risen as never before. Indeed, auburn color has plenty of variations and can really change your look to accentuate the natural beauty, especially when your hair color is somewhat between dark blonde and light brown.Auburn hair is believed to be natural-looking and sophisticated, and red shades may add some expression to your appearance.

Why choose auburn hair color chart?

The peculiarity of auburn color is that, unlike blonde and black, it is easy and comfortable to try on. You can use temporary auburn dye and your hair will look the same as with permanent dye. So if you don’t like the shade you’ve chosen, it’s possible to wash it off. In most cases, you will not have to remove your natural color, as it goes with blonde color.
Another great advantage that may encourage you to choose this particular hair color chart is that auburn palette is the most diversified among others. Also you can make different hairstyles with auburn hair and they will never look monotonous.
On the other hand, do not forget that any color does not suit absolutely everyone, so before dyeing your hair consult the colorist first.

Auburn hair color chart

How to choose an auburn hair color chart?

Each manufacturer has auburn color dye in its product line, so there are so many alternatives that you can be confused easily. The process of color selection becomes even more complicated because dyes of similar colors but different brands may have quite different characteristics. To find out the exact shade its better to remember color indexes for auburn hair.
It’s hard to enumerate all of the auburn shades, so we will list the most popular ones. For example, let’s see what hues are there in the loreal hair color chart:

  • dark auburn
  • light auburn
  • medium auburn
  • mahogany
  • burgundy-auburn
  • chestnut/copper

Don’t forget that it is very important that hair color should harmonize with your skin color; otherwise, the results will not be pleasant for you. Again, this is the subject to be consulted with specialists. You can also ask your friends who have changed their color what they think about it. This will give the ability to avoid the situation when you will have to recolor your hair soon.
In the end, there are many variants, and the final choice depends entirely on you.

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