Blonde Hair Color Chart: How to Choose the Ideal Color?

by admin on October 12, 2012

What is one of the most reliable ways for a woman to express herself and make her image unforgettable? Of course, to dye her hair. Which color and hue to choose to keep men’s heads following her? Well, there’s a broad variety of possibilities here. It’s well-known, however, that gentlemen prefer blondes. Advice of a professional hairdresser from a reliable beauty salon and a blonde hair color chart of the best products for hair beauty will help you to come to the right decision.

Don’t choose hair color just from the hues you see on the box with hair dyes. A photo on the box isn’t able to convey the true color you are going to get after dying your hair. Especially if you are brown-haired and interested in a blonde hair color chart. The best way to choose the desirable color is to look through palettes with hair colors, made of artificial materials, imitating hair. With such palettes you may estimate your chosen hue visually, move it a little and see the play of color and all the semi-tones.

Blonde hair color chart

Blonde Hair Color Chart: How to Choose?

Blonde hair color chart of the most prominent brands is usually very variable. The colors will suit ladies, who desire cardinal color experiments. Fair-haired girls may opt for radiant hues of platinum, cold ashy or golden blonds.

It’s important to take into account your color type when picking the ideal hue for your hair.

  • A girl of the spring type with light color of eyes will look adorable with golden curls.
  • Ashy blond is a perfect option for a lady, belonging to the summer color type.
  • Self-confident girls of the cold color type may add a special touch to their appearance with bold platinum blonds.

The choice of hair color is the same important as the choice of the brand of hair dyes. If you are a fan of organic hair dyes, follow the example of Madonna, Angelina Jollie, Julia Roberts, to name a few, and look through Aveda hair color chart. Aveda has a very diverse palette of hues, while Aveda dyes, as their manufacturers claim, have 95% of organic components in its composition (extracts of herbs, flowers and spices as well as natural oils.)

And in conclusion, remember that if you pick a hair color of your dream, using a hair color chart, don’t forget to discuss your choice with a professional hairdresser for complete success of your new stunning image.

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