Brown Hair Color Chart: Your №1 Femininity Choice

by admin on September 29, 2012

No matter, whether this is your milk chocolates or chestnuts, brown hair can bring a truly timeless sense of feminine beauty. Brunettes are able to change rather easily, due to various color options available today. They may simply go either up or down a couple of levels, so that to alter their hair color palette. More so, brown hair color chart allows changing every season and always stay extremely fashionable.

4 Obvious Benefits of Going Brunette

Indeed, the possibilities of brown hair color chart are endless. If so desired, one can personalize her style and personality with strategically added shades.

Brown hair can offer a really solid balance of color: milk chocolate, coffee with a cream splash, caramel and other delicious options to choose for going brown.

Brunettes also benefit from the personalization, which is provided by both highlights and lowlights. So, you may think of rich chocolates or tobacco shades, as well as subtle latte shades and cinnamon for some warmth.

You can easily maintain your brown hair by occasional color baths of either semi or demi permanent dye. This way, you’ll refresh the ends between touch ups, keeping your brunette color rich and luxurious. Also, there are various color enhancing shampoos.

Brown Hair Color Chart: Wella Brand Shade Selection Guide

Brown hair color chart

Unfortunately, it can be rather time consuming to search for some good hair color chart online. Actually, this is because the world-known brands release their specific palettes through individual websites. Luckily, you can now find a color that you really loved, right below. So, meet WELLA Hair Color Chart.

Wellaton with Serum and Provitamin B5 is a real dream of any home hair colorist. It is strongly recommended by such international expert and celebrity stylist as Sascha Breuer. Due to Wella nourishing ingredients, the hair gets silky, soft and shiny, like uncolored. Simply discover a great palette of brown shimmering shades, their intense color and healthy look. This brand hair color chart will help you when choosing the perfect hair color either for your life in general or that special night out.

No doubt, you’ll find this Wella hair color palette chart very useful. Professional range consists of different collections of intensive, extra rich, permanent and full of healthy shine colors. Any of them can send you one step closer to achieving that salon quality color at your own home.

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