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by admin on March 9, 2012

A period comes in every woman’s life when she starts to dye her hair to change color, lighten or highlight it. Since ancient times women have been using different means for changing hair-color (different natural and organic dyes, coal, etc). Nowadays there are hair-dyes by different manufacturers with hair color chart. Matrix, Wella, and L’oreal are just a few of numerous brands known all over the world.

Matrix is a world-known brand offering different high-quality styling and hair-care products. Matrix manufacturers have taken into consideration different reasons why women use hair-dyes. It is reflected in various series under the trade-mark Matrix Socolor. Hair-dyes by Matrix will pleasantly surprise you with moderate prices and high quality.

Matrix hair color chart

Are you searching for a dye that is mild though very effective and results in a long-lasting rich color? Than Matrix hair-dyes will be a perfect solution. Natural organic components of Matrix dyes make them less smelly and less harmful. After using them your hair will be silky and shiny.

If you have made your choice in favor of Matrix hair colors, matrix hair color chart will make the best beginning.

Dream Age Series from Matrix

Low ammonia content dyes of Dream Age provide a 100% result in coloring grey hairs. 10 rich shades varying from dark mocha infusion to soft blonds will make your hair shimmer and glimmer with organic-looking colors.

Matrix Honey Lux Collection

Honey Lux is a collection of 7 tonal shades with the lightest caramel blondes and tender translucent brunette.
Among color choices:

  • Blond polish
  • Color glazed
  • Color spice
  • Color dimension
  • Gloss and glow
  • Rich brunette

Reds and coppers by Matrix

Changing your hair color you show your personality. If you are a fiery beauty who likes to be in the centre of attention, this serie is right for you. These are magnetic color shades that will make you look irresistible. Infrared, Copper Wired, and Lasered Red are just a few from shades of the series.

Matrix Violet Smoke Collection

Soft hues of this collection will make any blond look cool and create a special magnetic aura around her. In this Matrix hair color chart the following Color gammas are available:

  • Arctic whisper
  • Filtered Shadows
  • Ethereal Light

Similar shades and hues can be found in Wella hair color chart as well. Wella offers three separate sections: natural shades, high-lift blondes, and special colors (blue and purple).

Any color is beautiful in its own way. So, why not give it a try?

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